The Medicare Advantage health plans contracted with AllCare are listed below. Most beneficiaries can only apply during Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period which is October 15th through December 7th each year.

When switching from a commercial health plan with AllCare to a Medicare Advantage health plan with AllCare you can continue to see your primary care physician or choose from our large list of primary care physicians.

Ask your Primary Care Physician about AllCare.

How do I enroll with a Medicare Advantage health plan and an AllCare physician?

  • Contact the health plan of your choice. AllCare has a variety of Medicare Advantage health plans for you to choose from, see list of health plans below.
  • Choose a primary care from the many choices you have within the AllCare network. You can use our convenient Online Primary Care Physician Directory.
  • When speaking to the representative at the health plan of your choice, tell them that AllCare is your Medical Group choice.

AllCare is contracted with the following Medicare Advantage health plans

AARP Medicare Complete
Insured through UnitedHealthcare (formerly Secure Horizons)
(877) 842-3210

Alignment Health Plan
(866) 634-2247

Promise Health Plan
(800) 544-0088

Golden State Health Plan
(855) 895-0057

Humana Health Insurance
(800) 624-8822

Imperial Health Plan
(800) 838-8271

Vitality Health Plan of California
(866) 333-3530

(866) 999-3945